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We feature great products from the Life Extension Foundation but at great discounts. These products are designed to provide you with the best formulations. Many other products do not take into account such key factors as co-factors that are necessary for the body to really get the full effect of the nutrient. Each product, from anti-aging and antioxidant supplements to skin care and weight loss supplements is manufactured under the most rigorous conditions to ensure that you get the safest and most potent formulations around. You will find supplements and other items conveniently categorized for you.

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We want to help you live better and longer. We are fanatics for health. We don't want to read a bunch of blah blah. We know you want information that you can use. We write articles that are centered on being useful to YOU NOW.

Our articles section is growing all the time as we add new articles each week so be sure to check our life extension articles section regularly.

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