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Ultra Natural Prostate with 5-LOXIN and Standardized Lignans, 60 softgels 01495 (save $9.50!)

Ultra Natural Prostate with 5-LOXIN and Standardized Lignans, 60 softgels 01495

60 Softgel Capsules


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Enhanced Natural Prostate Formula contains the most scientifically substantiated plant extracts to alleviate prostate discomfort, plus lycopene and boron to help protect the prostate and maintain its healthy function.*

This formula contains a standardized flower pollen extract called Cernitin(R), which studies indicate helps to maintain healthy prostate function, even when taken by itself.* The newest ingredient, beta-sitosterol, is the most active constituent of pygeum and interferes with the formation of prostaglandins that cause swelling in the prostate.

  • Saw palmetto extract is included because of its favorable effects in helping to maintain healthy prostate function. Saw palmetto also acts as an alpha-adrenergic receptor inhibitor, reducing urinary urgency and inflammatory actions in the prostate gland.*
  • Nettle root extract (Urtica dioica) helps maintain a healthy balance of desirable prostaglandins. Nettle root also has an effect on the proteins that carry sex hormones, and balances hormone levels that affect prostate function.
  • Pygeum enhances healthy prostaglandin function, which helps keep the prostate gland healthy and alleviates prostate discomfort.*
Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 softgel

Servings Per Container 60

Amount Per Serving

Saw palmetto CO2 extract ( Serenoa repens ) (berries)

160 mg

Free fatty acids and sterols

136 mg

(85-95% from saw palmetto extract)

Cernitin® Flower Pollen Extract ( Secale Cereale L. )

126 mg

Stinging nettle extract ( Urtica dioica ) (root)

120 mg

Pygeum extract ( Pygeum africanum ) (bark)

50 mg

Sterols (from Pygeum extract)

5.9 mg

Lycopene (from tomato extract)

5 mg

Phytosterol Complex

339 mg

[standardized to 59% free total sterols (200 mg)

and 26.6% free beta-sitosterol (90 mg)]

Boron (from boron citrate, glycinate, and aspartate)

1.5 mg

Rosemary extract ( Rosmarinus officinalis )

400 mcg

Other ingredients: gelatin, pumpkin seed oil, glycerin, and water.

Dosage and Use

Take one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening.


This product may be taken with or without food.




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