Wednesday, September 22, 2004

How healthy living 'extends life'

There are four simple lifestyle changes that can cut the risk of a elderly person dying in half! BBC NEWS | Health | How healthy living 'extends life'


Ben Best said...

Bruce Ames has said, "Epidemiology is the lowest form of science -- it's worse than sociology". The
urban legend concerning the benefits of wine is probably the greatest exemplar of the depths to which epidemiology can descend -- misinterpreted data supporting wishful thinking.

All of the beneficial phytochemicals in red wine can be obtained from grape juice, grapes or raisins without the harmful effects of alcohol -- which is damaging to almost every organ system in the body. What most epidemiologists conveniently and repeatedly ignore is that many so-called non-drinkers are former alcoholics who are invariably smokers. Many of the other non-drinkers have been forced to abstain from alcohol by other health problems. This is especially true for the elderly (the subjects in this study) -- a large number of whom are on prescription drugs that contraindicate alcohol consumption. Thus the so-called health benefits of alcohol is really an artifact. The few intelligent and responsible epidemiologists who have pointed-out these facts have been ignored by the media -- their information is unpopular.

Animal experiments and organ damage by alcohol has been well documented. See my webpage:

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